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Marine Conservation

Oceans generate half of the oxygen we breathe and, at any given moment, they contain more than 97% of the world's water. Oceans provide at least a sixth of the animal protein people eat. Living oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce climate change impacts. In addition it is the house of millions of species of under water creatures. Hence, its our responsibility to protect our ocean and the eco system in it.

We can protect and preserve the marine world only when we know about them and their behaviour. In general divers interract with a lot of marine creatures ranging from corals to shark and a general knowladge of these creatures are very important in view of safe diving and keeping under water environment unharmed.​We should never forget that we are intrudig in their territory.


Close interraction with the poisonous creatures like Scorpion Fish, Jelly fish, Sea Anemony may put a divers life in danger and a careless diver may damage the corals or other marine life.

Here we are trying to bring forward the practical issues like

1) Safe Diving,

2) Marine conservation

3)  Water pollution.

Marine Conservation
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